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There needs to be a bare minimum for any gig, anything past that should be up to the performer.

In my opinion the bare minimum should be 1000 for any gig. The agents have this much money and the people are willing to pay it.

Agents always lie and and try to get more money. When is a 2 hour gig actually 2 hours? They complain about your price being too high but they forget that behind the three hours of work for a monkey show is countless hours of practice. Try to get 5 plumbers to come out to your house for 4 hours on a saturday night for 600 kuai each.

If you have ever done a show without an agent it is always painless and the companies dont even bother to negotiate the price. I just did one for 3-4 hours @ 1100 each with a great dinner served. The sound guy they had even spoke english and knew what he was doing! I made a mistake and made my price too low. There was no agent an the company would pay whatever. Do the agents ever try to get you more money? No, they just try to get themselves more money.

1000 minimum all the way. Also network when youre at gigs, we dont need a third parties.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Samba/batucada band Kunming

bluppfisk- what instrument do you play?

I have been to brazil before and have seen these groups play. The drummers are all incredibly talented and have amazing technique. They also started playing these instruments when they were children. My only concern is that it is going to take lots of practice from everyone to execute this well. I even watch those tamborim players play and would never dare to pick one of those things up in their presence. It looks so small and easy, but really no one (that i know of) in km is familiar with one of those.

I suggest we move this to e-mail and bump the thread every once and a while. If we start an e-mail with interested people we could at least just set up a meeting.


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This place isnt too bad (clean, quiet) but there are a couple of things they could easily do to make it better.

We paid 60rmb each for a dorm room. for what it was that price is a little much. Also, all the beds were right beside eachother, no space inbetween. Luckily I was with my friends so i didn't have to sleep next to a stranger with the possibility of them rolling over on me.

Also no toilet paper or hand soap in the bathrooms. I probably would give them 3 stars had there been toilet paper in the bathroom. This put me in a difficult situation after my morning coffee.


Today I ate here for the Sunday morning brunch. I can say without a doubt it was by far the best breakfast I have had in Kunming. I will definitely be returning here every sunday.


I'm so glad I found this place.

I was very surprised to find a venue like this in Kunming. In the states I would consider this place an awesome venue.

Don't be afraid to go find this place, you will definitely be satisfied. If you want to help support the Kunming music scene come to events here.

My only complaint is that the sound was too loud for the amount of people there. In a venue of that size you should be able to talk to the person next to you without yelling.