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This place isnt too bad (clean, quiet) but there are a couple of things they could easily do to make it better.

We paid 60rmb each for a dorm room. for what it was that price is a little much. Also, all the beds were right beside eachother, no space inbetween. Luckily I was with my friends so i didn't have to sleep next to a stranger with the possibility of them rolling over on me.

Also no toilet paper or hand soap in the bathrooms. I probably would give them 3 stars had there been toilet paper in the bathroom. This put me in a difficult situation after my morning coffee.


Today I ate here for the Sunday morning brunch. I can say without a doubt it was by far the best breakfast I have had in Kunming. I will definitely be returning here every sunday.


I'm so glad I found this place.

I was very surprised to find a venue like this in Kunming. In the states I would consider this place an awesome venue.

Don't be afraid to go find this place, you will definitely be satisfied. If you want to help support the Kunming music scene come to events here.

My only complaint is that the sound was too loud for the amount of people there. In a venue of that size you should be able to talk to the person next to you without yelling.