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Giveaway: Dianchi Cruise

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On the evening of June 17, MovidaKM, Steve (The Mask) and Phil (Funk Assembly) will co-host a boat party and cruise on Dianchi Lake.

The floating event will take place on the ship Dianyou 1 (滇游1), a three storey, 38 meter vessel with room for 200 people. Festivities will begin at 5:30pm and go until 11:30pm. Transportation will be provided for ticketholders from the south gate of Yunnan Normal University to the dock. Partygoers will be returned to the same gate once the cruise is finished.

A buffet dinner of lemongrass chicken, black olive and cheese pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, and fresh fruit will be served as the ship gets underway. Catering will be provided by Full Cup Café (呼吸咖啡) and the ship will have a fully stocked cash bar with two kinds of draft beer, assorted spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.

The cruise will tour Dianchi Lake for an hour before dropping anchor in the middle of the lake at sunset. Soul Sailors will perform two sets of funk, blues and rock covers. DJ Xiao Kris will keep the festivities rocking until the cruise ends.

A "Why not?" (为什么不?) competition will be held between musical sets with judges selected from the crowd. Rules will be explained during the cruise and prizes will include free dinners at Cacao Mexican Restaurant and tickets to a performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at TCG Nordica.

Tickets for the boat party cost 160 yuan and can be purchased at The Mask or The Box. Only 150 tickets are available and can also be purchased the day of the cruise but will be 180 yuan.

Chinese language school KCEL is also giving away free tickets to students enrolling in their fall semester classes.

Two VIP suites are available for reservation. One has room for six people and costs 1500 yuan (tickets and two bottles of Prosecco included). The other room accommodates eight, costs 2500 yuan and comes with three bottles of Prosecco. Reservations can be made where tickets are sold.

Event organizers were kind enough to provide GoKunming two free tickets for the cruise. We will give those away to the first person to properly answer the following question:

Zheng He, China's most famous naval explorer, was born in Jinning at the southern end of Dianchi Lake. During a voyage through the Indian Ocean, he erected a stone monument in Sri Lanka. The monument's inscription praises three individuals. Who are they?

Answers must be sent through the GoKunming contact form and include your name and phone number. The winner will be announced in the comments section below.

For more information, event organizers can be reached by phone:
Luca 13619678401 (Italian, English, Chinese)
Phil 13648843044 (English, Spanish, Chinese)
Katherine 15808866523 (Chinese, English)

Images: Dianchi Club

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We have a winner! Alex Liu was the first person to correctly answer the trivia question.

The three individuals mentioned are: Buddha, Tenavarai Nayanar (Vishnu), and Allah.

Congratulations Alex.

The smaller VIP room has already been booked. Get your tickets soon!

The bus will leave from Yunnan Normal University South Gate no later than 5pm, so make sure to be on time.

The whole event will be filmed by Tyfilm. Like it happened for Puzhehei Music Festival, you'll have the chance to enjoy the best moments of the party even when it's over.

As long as the boat goes, let it go

Hope you have something planned for March, when I get there. Russ

Hey are you guys going to organize another one of these?

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