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Forums > Living in Kunming > Super Bowl XLV - 2011

Hey Geezer, I'm looking to watch the Super Bowl on Monday, too. I think it would start at 7am, Feb 7th here in Kunming, since central time is 14 hours behind. I saw on a previous forum that Lazy Bones had a Super Bowl "party" last year, but it's not open on the 7th this year...not sure where else has a big screen and will be open on Monday.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good place to live in KM?

If you're looking for nightlife, I agree with tiger1986 that 昆都 would be the most convenient place to live. I lived in the 文林街 area last year and the bars there didn't impress me much. There are some nice ones around Cuihu, but they're expensive. Kunming is such a small city (and cabs are easy to catch at night) that as long as you live around the central areas, you'll be fine! City center (王府井), Xiaoximen (小西门), and the university neighborhood are all conveniently located. I live about 15 minutes West from the main universities and I love the location! Living around Cuihu is a little more convenient, but also more expensive and the apartments are older (I had a hard time finding something I liked that also had a Western toilet). Hope this helps!


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Great article! I've been to Xizhou several times this year and it's definitely a special, beautiful place. I've been all over China and this is one of the few places that feels untouched by commercialization, yet is still open to and friendly towards tourists without being pushy. A visit to the Linden Centre is a must if you're there; their staff is amazing and well-connected. I just hope Xizhou doesn't become overrun with tourists and become another Dali, Lijiang, or Heshun in the next few years!



Love this place! The pizza is amazing and the nicely-decorated rooftop terrace just completes everything. The people who work there are really friendly and fun to talk with. Definitely one of my new favorite places in Kunming! It hasn't even been a day since I went and I'm already craving the pizza...