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Good place to live in KM?

Nattyg (7 posts) • 0


I have just recently arrived in Kunming and am looking for places to live. I do not know where would be a good place, but I am looking for a central location, or an area that has good bars/activities around it. I would love to hear people's suggestions or advice!



tiger1986 (43 posts) • 0

Central places = city center
Bars = 文林街
Activities = it depends what are yours?
nightlife = 昆都

After if your budget is unlimited, I am sure you can find exactly what u want...

jcabp (2 posts) • 0

If you're looking for nightlife, I agree with tiger1986 that 昆都 would be the most convenient place to live. I lived in the 文林街 area last year and the bars there didn't impress me much. There are some nice ones around Cuihu, but they're expensive. Kunming is such a small city (and cabs are easy to catch at night) that as long as you live around the central areas, you'll be fine! City center (王府井), Xiaoximen (小西门), and the university neighborhood are all conveniently located. I live about 15 minutes West from the main universities and I love the location! Living around Cuihu is a little more convenient, but also more expensive and the apartments are older (I had a hard time finding something I liked that also had a Western toilet). Hope this helps!

jackietxd (6 posts) • 0

well, i think there is new bar area at the end of xuefu(学府) road,there are bars, art activity,resturants,i went to there twice,it looks cool,but not too many people because it is the area for living,around xuefu road,hong shan dong lu 虹山东路 are good too,because it between the new bars area and wen lin jie 文林街,and at hong shan dong lu 虹山东路 there is heaven coffee bar,the boss is from newzealand,the coffee and red wine are cool.

timkunming (87 posts) • 0

Avoid 文林街 if you want peace and quiet. It's rather noisy at night and in recent years with all the buses being routed through the street it's noisier than ever. Apartments in this area are older than others in the north of Kunming, but the benefit is that you're likely not at home that often anyway...there are tons of restaurants and places to hang out, downtown is to Zhengyi Fang is three stops away, and you have Greenlake Park which is surprisingly quiet early in the morning.

Edwin (3 posts) • 0

The bars or night scene is not necessarily what I was looking for at this time. I was wondering about living quarters, western toilets was assumed by me, but now I know otherwise. I am curious about square meters and price for rent. Thanks

SSeminari (16 posts) • 0

hey nat,

as I told you earlier today, Think UK (创意英国) isn't too bad, if a little pricey. If you can't find anything in the complex itself, there are a lot of other higher-end apartment complexes all around it, just a few blocks away, so try going to the main office / rent office there and asking around. It might be easier with roommates though.

Some friends lives in su jia tang last year, on the top of jian she lu. Cheaper than a lot of places, and pretty nice. Might be worth checking out

Good luck!

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

If you don't mind a half hour commute the north of Kunming isn't a bad place to live. Within a 5-10 minute bike ride from the Beichen area and Metro you can find nice looking places to live in new high rises (often with great views) for 1500-2500 a month for 2-4 bedroom apartments.

JonathanMiller (76 posts) • 0

Someone asks where is a good place to live and Tiger1986 responds with where are the bars and nightlife.

This is the same guy that considers himself an entrepreneur and businessman.

Party on dude - especially w/ the rmn 1000 you stole from me buy selling me a broken TV on GoKunming.

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