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China considering end to 13-year ban on video game consoles: report

There are more copied games available in China for XBOX (which needs to be cracked), but once cracked you cannot play XBOX Live. You can also play non-copied games.

The PS3 is probably a better gaming counsel and it has BluRay, but there are fewer copied games available.

In the end I went for the XBOX for the KINECT - WHICH IS AWESOME.

There is a good shop on the top floor of the mall on computer street for the XBOX.

Forums > Living in Kunming > E Bike Crisis

OK - I was able to send someone to the North registration station with my passport, fa piano and housing registration papers after two trips about three hours each I now have a properly registered motorbike.

Good luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > International Kindergarten


My kids go to the Mile Alan school in Bei Chen which is called an International school and teaches some English.

The are some play area / arts type of classes for toddlers around town.

My boys are four and two. Ping,e if you want to set up a play date.


Forums > Living in Kunming > E Bike Crisis

I had heard about this, but ignored it, as most Kunming drivers ignore the traffic laws ;-). After reading this thread I am wondering if I should register my bike (I have the fa piao), if ther has been an extension to the end of January and if I can send some one to register it for me?

Anywhere this law is actually written and published?



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Thank you - this is one of the best written articles on GoKM I have read and helps to understand the potential of KM!

Regarding PAGE, the significance is that China holds one of the largest reserves of gold in the world and much of it is located here in Yunnan and surrounding areas. In times of economic recession / depression many investors turn to gold - in 2011 gold raise ~10% in value.

While many people are becoming rich in KM, primarily due to RE, it still has a long way to go before it is an accepted international business center.




Finally made it to O'Riley's...

Great atmosphere, attentive service, tasty food and the first pull of Guiness I have had in a long time.

Exactly what KM needed! I will be back soon.