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Gaming consoles

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

In an effort to waste my time more efficiently I am thinking about buying either a Wii, 360 or a PS3. Does anyone know which one is better value for money, easily chipped and has a good selection of (copied) games?

kickkick (51 posts) • 0

the general consensus amongst my game addicted friends is that the 360 is best... but they would never ever have them chipped for fear of being banned from xbox live where they play COD and MW2 all day. i don't think xbox live is available in china, is it? i suppose that makes my advice irrelevant. thanks for listening.

timkunming (87 posts) • 0

Definitely the Xbox 360 for the selection of copied games. They're everywhere. You can't play online with them but when you're paying so little, who cares?

I've been trying to get rid of my 360 before I move back to the states for awhile so let me know if you're interested. I won't have any games for you but I can tell you some great places where they're sold. Some never get the new games and some get them the day after release in Japan/US/Europe. Pretty cool!

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

We have both a Wii and Xbox 360 that were chipped here. You can't play the 360 on the internet after you have the chip put in but my kids don't care. There is a huge selection of cheap games for both. We got them on computer street.

lummerlaoshi (130 posts) • 0

I bought the Wii console (chipped), three more controllers and three nunchuks, two dance mats, two gun add ons, the drum and guitar add-on plus 10 games for 2600 rmb at the computer street during October break this year. I was told by local friends I paid too much. Games cost 4 rmb a game for the wii.

Bvlgari-AqvaMarine (5 posts) • 0

How To Completely Waste Your Time & Life more effectively ? Hmmmm... The XBox 360 along the games Fable & Fable 2 would do the trick I guess ! I would recommend the XBox 360 along with the game Fable to anyone from Scandinavian countries like Denmark or Sweden !

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Finally got around to buying one. Went for the 360 and bought it near 1-2-1 street. The vendors all quoted 1650-1700 as the starting price for the arcade version with only one controller. I got it for 1550 and a feeling that unless I had some guanxi or a friend in the market it would be hard to go below 1500. Online you can get them for 13-1400 but since I read that 360s have a fairly high hardware bricking rate I figured it would be better to have the seller nearby.

The excellently reviewed official steering wheel was priced at 7-800 kuai so I will save that one for next month. I bought 10 games at 4 kuai a piece as well and sadly only 3 turned out to be in English so I guess there is one more reason to intensify the hanzi-studies.

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