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It's now been 13 months that I am stuck in the USA with no hope to return to my home in Kunming.

Anyone else?

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You will not be going anytime soon. I am a 17 year resident and stuck from returning home since Jan. Maybe in Nov will be earliest time to get into China now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Timing of return to Kunming

I aam in the exact same situation. Been stuck in USA since late Jan. My return flights have been cancelled 2 times and I now have a 3rd flight schedules for July 1st.

I just want to go home!


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The venders have gotten out of control. Blocking traffic, and the food sellers are a real health threat. Glad to see them gone. Hope they stay gone. I also hope the police handle this in a calm way.

What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger! This is only the tip of the iceberg.

If the newspapers would only adopt a "shame" page to publish businesses and people that do these activities, much of this would end quickly. Face is everything in China.

Danmarien, my biggest hurdle was buying on paper. Took me a few years to be comfortable with that. Secondly, I bought because I wanted a new home and not too concerned about the future returns. However, I paid 3000 per sq m at the tome, so I don't think any bubble burst will have much effect on me. My house is valued at over 15k sq m now, and I'm not getting it until next Jan. I've already been offered 650,000 for it and currently only have 200,000 in it. But as I said, I bought it to live in so I won't sell it. I have no worries that some developer will buy out from under me. Can't happen. This is located in the New City and they won't be changing anything there until long after I'm gone.

My advice would be simply buy for yourself and not speculate any investment return. Although you stand little chance to really lose, China is a dangerous place to get involved with real estate purely for a quick buck. The way I look at it is I get to own a nice property for less than half what it cost in the US anyway. Maybe "own" is too strong of a word, but you get my meaning.

Hey, what the hell, can't take it with you right?

The sad fact is that Chinese will buy property reguardless of the prices and developers use this to their advantage. The single most important 'requirement' to any Chinese is to own their home at any cost. This is the grand illusion the entire real estate market is based on. It has allowed speculaters to get filthy rich, and drive the market far beyond any senseable prices.

Now throw in the govt's policy of wholesale destruction of existing property throughout China, and you have a perfect storm creating massive demmand for builders. Also creating huge rent increases for existing rentals. It will be many years before anything "gives" as Danmarin put it. Prices may fluctuate here and there, but they will continue up for a long time. Govt attempts to curb specualive buying has proven time and time again to be nothing more than a finger in the dike.
Govt policy, dishonest developers, and scammers have created a monster that will permiate every sector of China's economy before too long. In the near future, the "have and have nots" dividing line will only get worse. That is what the govt better be most worried about.

Well PerNordin, you must me a newbi in China. The fake liquor these assholes produce incorporate any number of chemicals so they that duplicate the taste and color. Most of which are not made for consumption purposes. Then you come in and buy it at the bar for standard price. It is not sold to you any cheaper. Only the bars profit from selling this poison. Keep sucking it down, and you my friend will certainly be paying through the nose with following hospital bills. Don't see how that makes drinking this shit is saving you money.

The Baiju, chinese water, is worst yet. It would benefit you to do a quick search on the net about this stuff. Even if it is the "real" high grade stuff (Moutai), it has serious health effects. Even the Chinese doctors will tell you to stay away from it.

Sounds like you got some serious issues with your drinking. Hope you get it dealt with before you end up in a Chinese hospital where things quickly go from bad to worse.

BTW, as long as you keep buying this shit, they will keep on makin it. You also become the problem.



Crap, evil, liars, unprofessional, expensive, no customer service comes to mind when I think of B&Q.


I have to agree with splitopen. This place is not worth the long drive to get there whatsoever. Crazy expensive and the play is boring. It looks thrown together and poorly built. The employees are rude. They obviously don't like their jobs. For the prices they charge, it is a rip off. I give it a few months before Hello! Haigeng Minigolf Park is just a memory.

Dr Doom, This is not the US so, yes, 40 kuai IS too much! Next time your are there, count how many Chinese customers they have. This business seems to promote an elitist attitude which I do not care for. A foreign owned business setting pricing to exclude locals is not a place I would support.

BTW, it was open in Nov, and it sounds like your are the one who owns this place......pretty lame.


The food is expensive with small portions. Quality is poor and the service is not so good. I think the servers are not happy working there which shows in their attitude. I would not recommend this place at all.