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Forums > Living in Kunming > How many foreigners are left?

We have been locked out and can't return o Kunming since Jan 2020 when we had to return to the US because of my Dad's passing. Still waiting to return to our home in Kunming when we are allowed.


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GO buy a fish. This dog business is disgusting as are the majority of their owners.

I just bought a new town house SPECIFICALLY because they do not allow animals of any kind. I would guess it is the only place with a policy like this. Can't wait until it is built!

Once again, logic flies out the window when you try to put the two words together..."Chinese" & "logic". It's as idiotic as "military intelligence".
I would be happy just to use a taxi that simply doesn't resemble a broken down dog house. Kunming must have the dirtiest taxis of anywhere in the doubt!



Crap, evil, liars, unprofessional, expensive, no customer service comes to mind when I think of B&Q.


I have to agree with splitopen. This place is not worth the long drive to get there whatsoever. Crazy expensive and the play is boring. It looks thrown together and poorly built. The employees are rude. They obviously don't like their jobs. For the prices they charge, it is a rip off. I give it a few months before Hello! Haigeng Minigolf Park is just a memory.

Dr Doom, This is not the US so, yes, 40 kuai IS too much! Next time your are there, count how many Chinese customers they have. This business seems to promote an elitist attitude which I do not care for. A foreign owned business setting pricing to exclude locals is not a place I would support.

BTW, it was open in Nov, and it sounds like your are the one who owns this place......pretty lame.


The food is expensive with small portions. Quality is poor and the service is not so good. I think the servers are not happy working there which shows in their attitude. I would not recommend this place at all.