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Kunming taxis now adding one-yuan fuel surcharge

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Beginning this past Wednesday, Kunming taxis have once again begun adding a one-yuan fuel surcharge to all passenger fares.

For the last several months taxi drivers have been supposed to add 0.5-yuan gas surcharges to fares, with many drivers failing to do so, often due to an inability to make such small change. Prior to the 0.5-yuan surcharge there was previously a one-yuan fuel surcharge added to all fares in the city.

The Kunming public finance bureau also announced on Wednesday that it will provide 1.38 million yuan in fuel subsidies to the city's taxis, with each cab eligible to receive 201.4 yuan.

The fuel surcharges and subsidies are aimed at reducing the impact of rising gasoline prices on taxi drivers, who on the average are now paying more than 100 yuan more on gasoline each month than they were a few months ago.

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Now if they would only double the cost for a car license maybe the traffic problem here would be better.


its basically now a starting charge of 9 RMB rather than 8RMB. Cities much more developed and with a much more expensive cost of living than Kunming start taxi fares at 7 RMB. Something is amiss.
Fuel prices are rising and its important that taxi drivers shouldn't suffer. However, can this not be done on a sliding scale and worked into the actual per kilometre taxi meter price. It doesn't make sense for an 8RMB short hop to have the same fuel tax as a ride to the Airport or even to An'ning.

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