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Forums > Living in Kunming > World Cup

With only 2 days to go, high time for a WC thread!!! Starting out with some links I posted in announcements, which seem to have gone under:

To get into the spirit of things, start practising your Diski Dance:

Do you know what a Vuvuzela or a Makarapa is? Who is Zakumi? Find out about WC with SA flavour here:

The best and coolest WC calender is here:[...]

And for some SA/WC laughs, check out one of the most popular comic strips, Madam & Eve:

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming redesign: we want your input!

1 Work on the resolution
2 More local news
3 Ensuring listings are complete and updated (e.g. several consulates & airlines missing, several listed restaurants closed).
4 More info on local cultural events beyond piss-ups at Hump or Uprock, such as exhibitions, performances, etc. listed only in newspapers or elsewhere.
5 Keep up the good work!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Suggestions to reduce friction between Public Security and Immigrant Population

Piers, good point. But I laughed at traffic police being "utterly disinterested in any violence that falls outside their traffic remit". I sometimes think traffic police are utterly disinterested in most things that fall INSIDE their traffic remit! I'm sure you've seen the lone cop standing like a helpless sheep in the middle of (or more likely on the other side of) a busy intersection with chaos ensuing all around or lazily looking after cars that jumped red lights at high speed. So I'd like to see them at least
taking on the responsibility that they HAVE been assigned! But then again, that may get them deep in it too if they stop the wrong guy. Hence better to do nothing or just pick on the weak!


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Today the weather is completely fine, yet a friend who's flying was told first that her flight was fine, checked her luggage, now the flight is delayed, possibly cancelled, no real info, angry and confused masses, a general mess. How about spending 10% less on fancy infrastructure and putting that money towards improving staff training and management systems?

A great shame! The Box will be deeply missed and leave a big gap. Kunming will be a lot poorer as a result. Thanks for all the good times!

Good article, but where is the new clothing market in KM, along the lines of Beijing's Silk or Yashou markets, where you can buy 'branded' goods in western sizes?



Best Sunday brunch experience in Kunming! A great selection of just the right type of food which goes down very well the morning after a heavy night. Jeroen is making dishes that not only taste great but are also very easy on the eyes. Add to that David's awesome Bloody Marys and the lovely rooftop terrace and you can't go wrong. True, things can be a bit hectic in the kitchen if it's busy, but be patient and you'll be well rewarded.


Nice quiet conversation place with plushy sofas, big windows and good selection of coffees and milk teas, if a bit pricey. Food is also good.


One of the nicest places to enjoy a meal in Kunming, both inside and out, that is, if the meal were actually enjoyable. The food is sort of haute Yunnan cuisine with strange combinations and few simple, normal dishes. Quality is OK but not really worth the price. Better just have tea, wine or a beer and eat elsewhere.


Recently returned here after a lengthy absence and was pleasantly surprised that standards have been maintained. I fully agree with the last review. And the cheapest red wine at RMB 118 is actually very good and a better deal than per glass. You can take it away if you don't finish.