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GoKunming redesign: we want your input!

Dan Siekman (102 posts) • 0

Dear GoKunmingers,

We are excited to announce that we are working on redesigning GoKunming to improve the site's functionality and visual experience.

Of course, delivering the best possible experience to our users is our top priority, so we want to hear your opinions about the redesign.

What do you like and/or dislike about the current GoKunming? Is there a feature you would like to see added? Please post your ideas here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The GoKunming Team

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

I know this isn't a priority but the current mobile site seems to be designed for lower resolution web browsers. on the iphone the font size is so small but zooming in means that lots of scrolling left to right is required because the words don't wrap. I believe it would be similar on other new phones such as nexus one etc.

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

further to the above I wouldn't mind browsing the desktop site so that I could see the text more clearly but there is some kind of browser sniffer which forces me to look at the mobile site.
So either an option to return to the full website or a mobile site better designed for more modern mobile phone browsers.

Dan Siekman (102 posts) • 0

^Greg, we added a link called "regular site" a few months ago to the top of the mobile site that allows you to jump to the full GoKunming that should solve the problem of getting stuck in the mobile site.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

1 Add a private message function.

2 Get the forums more active by recruiting highly paid agent provocateurs .
3 Along with what Greg says, the desktop site also seems to be designed for low-res screens too. Looks like about 50% of my screen is the grey border on both sides.
4 Have some promos in conjunction with your advertisers. Half priced rounds of golf on Tuesdays, or discounted haircuts etc
5 For someone to start a "Heterosexual/ celibate life in Kunming" thread

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

ah yes, hadn't tried that for a while because it used to send you to the homepage of the full site rather than the page you were looking at. That seems to have been fixed now so working fine.

However a mobile site that doesn't need a magnifying glass on an iphone or similar would still be welcome :-)

Greginchina (239 posts) • 0

Chingis, that's because web designers still design for 800x600 screens because that is what a lot of people still use. So if you're using a modern 1280x800 resolution (or higher) screen it'll look pretty small. I think the world has moved on and most people use higher resolution screens but its a common concern of web designers. they always have to design for the lowest common denominator. eg, the most common web browser is still Internet Explorer 6.

onomatopoeiaaah (51 posts) • 0

I like the way Gokunming looks, and for the most part it's easy to use. The only issue i have is with the search function which seems fairly useless unless you're searching for something with the exact title/name or whatever. It's difficult to find what you're looking for with key words and quite often just returns a billion unrelated articles. Otherwise, kudos, i think this site is great!

Ian_Kunming (126 posts) • 0

EMail notifications when someone posts a reply to my threat/the threats I commented on.
And yes, a better search engine.

Heinz (29 posts) • 0

1 Work on the resolution
2 More local news
3 Ensuring listings are complete and updated (e.g. several consulates & airlines missing, several listed restaurants closed).
4 More info on local cultural events beyond piss-ups at Hump or Uprock, such as exhibitions, performances, etc. listed only in newspapers or elsewhere.
5 Keep up the good work!

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