Tapas, paella, arroz negro and a variety of seafood plus wine by the glass near Cuihu Park

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  • NameEspaña Restaurant
  • Address24 Cuihu Bei Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 5199696
España Restaurant • 24 Cuihu Bei Lu

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During a recent visit, the untidy owner was still outside chain-smoking cigarettes to what must have been great embarrassment for the respectable doorman and other staff. Regardless, of one's order the policy here seems to be to serve the meat or fish without vegetables (two thin slivers of carrot and one very small piece of lettuce as decoration does not satisfy my 'good food' guide.

I repeat my earlier comment about ordering only the apertizers, and the main course later. You'll still get the main courses delivered over a 15 minute period.

Someone really must do something about the owner's lethargy because this could be an excellent restaurant otherwise!

22nd October, 2007
I have a love-hate relationship with this restaurant. It has many imperfections, yet I often return. The upper-class atmosphere is created by a cosy European decor which, at my last visit, didn't extend to the third floor, unfortunately. Nevertheless, it is never crowded or noisy, and a nice place to take one's wife . . . or mistress. Personally, I prefer a window table on the second floor.

The service is polite, and there is an English language menu, but the staff only speak Chinese. The owner has some useful knowledge of Spanish, but he seems to spend most of his time smoking outside.

The menu contains many Spanish items, of course, together with other items that provide a variety of Meditteranean food. Although the cuisine is varied and enjoyable, there is a background sense that the cook is Chinese -- it is only the owner with Spanish experience. Worthy of mention is the availability of wine by-the-glass. At my next visit I'll ask about a bring-your-own-wine policy.

My greatest peeve here, is the staff's inability to understand the European preference for different courses (A nation-wide problem). I'm not sure if you'll believe this story but, last time, to the surprise of the waiter and humour of all the staff, we ordered only an appetizer. When that was eaten, we ordered our main course and wine. We gave an explanation, but this was met with a blank stare that was a picture suggesting the strangeness of foreigners.


Recently returned here after a lengthy absence and was pleasantly surprised that standards have been maintained. I fully agree with the last review. And the cheapest red wine at RMB 118 is actually very good and a better deal than per glass. You can take it away if you don't finish.