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Forums > Study > Where China Meets India: Burma and the new Crossroads of Asia

there are plenty of reviews around atm and it gets cited a lot because of the "changes" in burma right now. Especially Indian newspapers talk about it as basically India is said to be "missing out" on the opportunities in Burma.

Though the last 2 weeks changed a lot in that respect (stop of the Myitsone Dam, new trading deals between India - Burma, release of prisoners in Burma, protests against the pipeline from the Indian Ocean which is supposed to end in Kunming). But as I said, its a good start for the recent developments and maybe for coming job/business opportunities in Yunnan.

Forums > Living in Kunming > English version of Windows 7?

Hi, just buy a pc with chinese Windows 7, no matter which version, later download the language file for your version directly from microsoft. Then search the web a bit, there are plenty of tutorials how to change the language even without tools. Just some commandline + registry playing (basically what that interface option in Ultimate does). I changed a German Win7 to Chinese/English. One thing though: The original language file has to be deleted, eg you can make it a multilingual system but lose the original one, because if you keep it it always defaults back to it.

Forums > Study > Where China Meets India: Burma and the new Crossroads of Asia

i am reading the book "Where China Meets India: Burma and the new Crossroads of Asia" by Thant Myint-U atm. It might be interesting for some of you to what might happen in Kunming in the future and give some background to some stuff happening right now (like the stopped dam project in Burma which was supposed to supply energy to Yunnan). I am also enjoying some facts, opinions and historical details which are not that mentioned in lot of literature about Yunnan, especially the one translated from Chinese.

here is some more information about the book:[...]

I also post updates on this topic on twitter (@sspoede)



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Interview: A Mei

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yeah, I wanna hear some of their songs, I looked over at for them but all I found was the song of the same name by 《黑珍珠》(which is also Wa music and awesome)

I went to Huadianba in 2010, up by horses belonging to the medicine factory. Guess that's how the solar panels got up there as well... can only recommend it, though it is seriously end of the world feeling, especially if you sleep up there over night and your hut gets constantly hit by lightnings...

Nice article, a bit commercial though...



Visited it start of August, 2012. Calls itself "Super-live-bar". The house band plays with 6 different singers throughout the night. In between some musicians have solo contributions and a DJ is playing the rest of the time. The drummer and the guitarist of the band played in some quite famous Kunming band some years ago, I just can't remember the name.

It's located on the 8th floor and has super nice views, especially from one room with a large table + glass roof + 3 sides of windows. Lots of people working there so that almost every table has his/her own fuwuyuan. Design and other things are also very high-class (therefore the prices, a beer was 30 kuai if I remember correctly, depends on how many of which brand you buy of course...). It's def not your typically low-price Kunming bar but rather a fancy live bar for a superb nightout in the city center.