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Kebab craving! Kebab!

serious_ (23 posts) • 0

Me and my swedish friends are looking for a place where we can find kebab or similar turkish/arabic dishes!

I appreciate all answers! Thank!

russia (16 posts) • 0


there is a shop selling nice kebab at Wen Hua Xiang.. about RMB15-RMB20 for a big juicy kebab..........

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

not any more there isn't.

there's nothing. if you're flexible there's a few things that might scratch the itch e.g. hummus/pita at Salvador's, tandoori items at Cacaja. good luck.

zhubajie (57 posts) • 0

For sort of Turkish food, the Tian Shan (Xinjiang) restaurant, where Bai Yun Lu and Bai Long Jie meet, always used to be good. Turkish music videos. From the Shi Fan Da Xue bus stop, take bus #55 going north, and get off a few steps from the place.

CromsonCromson (130 posts) • 0

We sold kebab-machines several years ago and also tried make-it-self. Still there is one sample here... seems we have to open a little Kebap-Shop. ;)
I could swear there was a Kebap-Shop at The Box, but maybe it closed down quickly. Never had Kebap in Kunming / China, everytime i go back to Germany its the first thing i will eat, hehe.

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