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Where China Meets India: Burma and the new Crossroads of Asia

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i am reading the book "Where China Meets India: Burma and the new Crossroads of Asia" by Thant Myint-U atm. It might be interesting for some of you to what might happen in Kunming in the future and give some background to some stuff happening right now (like the stopped dam project in Burma which was supposed to supply energy to Yunnan). I am also enjoying some facts, opinions and historical details which are not that mentioned in lot of literature about Yunnan, especially the one translated from Chinese.

here is some more information about the book:


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there are plenty of reviews around atm and it gets cited a lot because of the "changes" in burma right now. Especially Indian newspapers talk about it as basically India is said to be "missing out" on the opportunities in Burma.

Though the last 2 weeks changed a lot in that respect (stop of the Myitsone Dam, new trading deals between India - Burma, release of prisoners in Burma, protests against the pipeline from the Indian Ocean which is supposed to end in Kunming). But as I said, its a good start for the recent developments and maybe for coming job/business opportunities in Yunnan.

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