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Forums > Living in Kunming > WTF! Separate arirfare for foreigners for doemstic flights

@Tom69 blablabla, you don't get it right? The price you pay is the normal one ;) so you are not extra charged. But maybe the Chinese government wants to subsidized their own citizens. That does not mean because you pay more they get it cheaper. But you pay the normal price and the airline gets the normal price for them through some government subsidizing. Whatever. Maybe they want to target certain passenger groups with special advertisement. Why isn't that legit? Of course "companies should be interested in making profits not subsidizing the cost of someone's travels just because of the way they look" holds. What if they get money from the state or have less costs carrying a Chinese national? What if in the end they make the same profit carrying you or a Chinese citizen? But you have to pay the higher prize because carrying you costs them more? Wouldn't it be more unfair if you pay the same price as Chines citizens but they have higher costs with you? (which means they are subsidizing your flight with the Chinese passengers paying more than they cost). you get this?

And no, travellign in Australia for 3 months I was ripped off all the time because I am not Australian.. having a different native language, even though being "white" clearly changes the price you have to pay for hostels, etc in Australia. For my friends from Asian countries it was even worse. We check in together and they have to pay more than me...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Residence Visa - Is it single or multiple entries?

I asked about it last time I got my resident permit, I dont have to sign up with the local police everytime I reenter the country. only next time I renew the resident permit.

And yes, immigrations definetely has a database which has the information you fill in when you sign up for the residence permit. I crossed from Vietnam into Yunnan and it took them ages and they knew to which household I belong and mentioned the name of the household head/owner of the flat..

Forums > Living in Kunming > WTF! Separate arirfare for foreigners for doemstic flights

I had the same issue using websites for booking, but if you go to a local travel agency somewhere in KM I usually get the local citizen discount fare..

About hotels, if they refuse you offer them to sign up with the local public security bureau yourself, worked for me in pingxiang/guangxi when we wanted to stay there a night to cross into vietnam the next morning...the public security was confused and told us everything is ok, copied the passport and called the hotel to know which room we are in...
@Tom69 you might read something about races, national states and so on. they dont charge you extra for your skin color but for your passport ;) why should states or companies not be allowed to subsidize their own nationalities so they can travel more? ;) and if they have extra paperwork to do and get extra certificates and so on to host you in their hotel, why shouldn't they charge you for that?

in general you get much better prices or often almost same prices as the locals if you are nice and polite and bargain a bit (it is really fun for both sides). thailand and vietnam are much worse in this respect than yunnan...

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I just went there today and tried to get a card with my passport and they said I must have a proof that I run a business... otherwise no chance. Did it work with anyone else recently with the foreign passport?


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Interview: A Mei

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yeah, I wanna hear some of their songs, I looked over at for them but all I found was the song of the same name by 《黑珍珠》(which is also Wa music and awesome)

I went to Huadianba in 2010, up by horses belonging to the medicine factory. Guess that's how the solar panels got up there as well... can only recommend it, though it is seriously end of the world feeling, especially if you sleep up there over night and your hut gets constantly hit by lightnings...

Nice article, a bit commercial though...



Visited it start of August, 2012. Calls itself "Super-live-bar". The house band plays with 6 different singers throughout the night. In between some musicians have solo contributions and a DJ is playing the rest of the time. The drummer and the guitarist of the band played in some quite famous Kunming band some years ago, I just can't remember the name.

It's located on the 8th floor and has super nice views, especially from one room with a large table + glass roof + 3 sides of windows. Lots of people working there so that almost every table has his/her own fuwuyuan. Design and other things are also very high-class (therefore the prices, a beer was 30 kuai if I remember correctly, depends on how many of which brand you buy of course...). It's def not your typically low-price Kunming bar but rather a fancy live bar for a superb nightout in the city center.