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  • NameDyonysus
  • Address1 Baoshan Jie, Kunming
    昆明宝善街18 (近前景动感天下)
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Dyonysus • 1 Baoshan Jie

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Visited it start of August, 2012. Calls itself "Super-live-bar". The house band plays with 6 different singers throughout the night. In between some musicians have solo contributions and a DJ is playing the rest of the time. The drummer and the guitarist of the band played in some quite famous Kunming band some years ago, I just can't remember the name.

It's located on the 8th floor and has super nice views, especially from one room with a large table + glass roof + 3 sides of windows. Lots of people working there so that almost every table has his/her own fuwuyuan. Design and other things are also very high-class (therefore the prices, a beer was 30 kuai if I remember correctly, depends on how many of which brand you buy of course...). It's def not your typically low-price Kunming bar but rather a fancy live bar for a superb nightout in the city center.