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tiger, what kind of problems? Similar to gokunming forums? But what's the goal, or purpose, of the other website? Especially in its contributors' eyes?

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Kids might well like it, including, maybe especially, foreign kids, but I don't think it's mostly for kids.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Posting photos on forums - unnecessary and, I think, a bad idea, given all the moderating it would require, plus all the confusion that comes with the idea that photos represent the truth, don't lie, arguments over what they 'mean', etc. And I don't need to know what you look like to understand what you say.
Way too many photos in the world anyway these days.


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Another good article by Jim Goodman. Note that he has made his home in Chiangmai for over 30 years. Chiangmai has become a tourist destination and/or visa renewal destination for many foreigners living in Yunnan over the past years and,knows a great deal about the history, temple iconography and other aspects of life of Chiangmai city and of surrounding areas.

This is all good and useful but I think we could use some more indepth articles on the areas covered as well, including some history and discussion of how people actually live, their practical problems, etc., as well as tourist promotion.



I'm not a health foody but the few meals I've had here have been really good and, yeah, I'll be happy to go back alone to sample all the rest of them. It's also not a bad place from which to people-watch the street below.