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Nightlife 9:00pm

Mindwave: Dive


About MindWave
Mindwave is a party organization, a visual sharing blog, a music sharing station, and a group of a variety of artists, producers, DJs, young souls, and interesting brains gather together to bring real music, artistic creation, and an inclusive atmosphere here. The main soul of Mind Wave is the rave spirit which advocates Peace+Love+Unity+Respect

Good music knows its proper time
It waits until the Spring to fall
It drifts in on the wind, steals in by night
Its fine drops drench, yet make no sound at all.
When the poison of music falls rhythmically on the dance floor
Hibernating body wakes up with spring
Everything is flickering
All mysteries are waiting for you to find out.

Line up:
BONE (Chengdu)
The air‘s trembling as if the sky is burning

SHU is a young musician growing up in resistance and introspection. Band lead singer. His unique music taste and his pursuit of delicate timbre have been created by his unique personality. Through wandering lifestyle, Shu constantly explores the way to enter the spiritual world of music. His restless live mood and strange dance step expression are the excellent experiences he presents to party animals.

DJ, Promoter based in underground music parties. Founder of MIND WAVE.Well known for her intuitive record selection. Balancing a fine line between styles and genres. Her Dj sets are trippy, sophisticated. Full of banging illusions. Her mind goes from Lofi to Acid and Jungle to Bass. Like a wave without boundaries. She has played alongside Berlin Bunny and Summer of Haze. Electronic music is a gift and it must be "flowing" into space.

Loving to eat sweetened dip in the water, drink pure milk, and enjoying feeling the moment when a sparrow standing on a telephone pole shit.

Also love visual arts, so he started to contact new media art and motion graphics during his college years and became active in the local clubs and live houses.
He has collaborated with many creative and influential musicians.

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