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Shelf life?
Made me imagine all kind of things going on at the bottom of your kitchen cupboard like:
This bottle of baijiu ended up between this bottle of caustic soda toilet de-blocker and this bottle of Mr Muscle. The bottle of baijiu started flirting with both of them but could not decide between the sheer muscle power of Mister or the pure inner strength of caustic soda’s granulates. Anyway the bottle of baijiu was ignored by both of them because she just looked like a cheap and ordinary bottle of water and was well below their class. This despite that the water bottle was claiming that, also she looked like an ordinary water bottle, she had a great spirit inside. Caustic soda then commented that he should not mix with others like industrial alcohol. Mr Muscle got nasty as well and said: well the both of you make a nice pair, both in the pipe de-blocking business.

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Yes maybe the “Reviews” section should have a "Thumb up and down" as well with the question “was this review useful?”

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Dolphin I know that it is not appropriate to directly challenge others on their mental condition.
Peters writing varies from completely non-understandable rants filled with insults to more or less well written and expressed and informative contributions.
This made me conclude that Peter has two states. A kind of Jekyll and Hyde.
If these two states can be controlled by staying off the candy and/or by taking the appropriate prescription medication for this condition then I don’t have any problem reminding him.


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Apart from when you bought real estate in a building that will never be finished. My apartment is surrounded by property developments that stood still for at least 2 years, some even for 7 years.
For the first 4 years I even could not sell my own property because the land certificate was never issued because of a corruption case between the Kunming city and the property developer.
Property prices have gone up in Kunming but at the long run they more or less correspond with the inflation figures.

He came to Lijiang in 1942 well after the age of the Ford tri-motor.
His only mention of using a plane was when he together with Rock was kicked out in 1949 and this picture is far to relaxed for this with to many non Chinese in the picture.


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