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On computerstreet there are several places who sell them.

As the tiger said mobile phone based ones work good here if not better because they are more up to date. Indeed a pad (With phone connection) will give you a bigger screen.
Take into account that most Chinese satnav’s are in Chinese with character inputs and displays and are therefore not suitable for most expats.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is this fake news or not?

You are turning things around. The MSM fell victim of a well prepared and executed spin operation of the US government seconded by the UK, while you try to make it look like they were the perpetrators. Now you blame them that they published before checking the facts and are therefore the creators of the fake news. They didn’t create it but spread it. But imagine how it would be possible to check a story like this and within the time till the deadline. As stated above calling; Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf doesn’t work. Having your own “Deep Throat” in the Pentagon would be an option but then you have to verify that source again.
Meanwhile there was already a history known about Saddam’s attempts to get WoMD.
On top of that papers like the NYT would report things like this as: “At a news briefing held by the MoD it was reported that…………”
And not like “Our investigation journalistic team has discovered that…….”
According to your line of thought they should report: “Unconfirmed sources stated that………………….”


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Apart from when you bought real estate in a building that will never be finished. My apartment is surrounded by property developments that stood still for at least 2 years, some even for 7 years.
For the first 4 years I even could not sell my own property because the land certificate was never issued because of a corruption case between the Kunming city and the property developer.
Property prices have gone up in Kunming but at the long run they more or less correspond with the inflation figures.

He came to Lijiang in 1942 well after the age of the Ford tri-motor.
His only mention of using a plane was when he together with Rock was kicked out in 1949 and this picture is far to relaxed for this with to many non Chinese in the picture.


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