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Satnav in Kunming

Pete B (7 posts) • 0

Anybody know where to buy a satnav in Kunming don’t think it’s safe enough to just use a mobile in these crazy driving conditions tried some websites but no luck

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • 0

We got our satnav with the car. There was a small business attached to, but separate from, the car dealer. Find a dealer who sells your make of vehicle and ask them about satnavs.

For the cost of a satnav, you could buy a tablet and mount it. Bigger than a phone and easier to read. The other advantage of a tablet is that you can mount it up on top of the dashboard. Most satnavs are built into the centre console, which means that you have to look down and take your eyes off of the road for longer. Also the apps will talk to you in your selected language.
The advantage of some satnav is that they show you what lane to be in at major interchanges, I have yet to find an app with this option. However, the one I have only has a Chinese language option. The only satnavs I have seen are complete entertainment centers, with a reversing camera. Cost about 6000 rmb.

mengna (62 posts) • 0

On computerstreet there are several places who sell them.

As the tiger said mobile phone based ones work good here if not better because they are more up to date. Indeed a pad (With phone connection) will give you a bigger screen.
Take into account that most Chinese satnav’s are in Chinese with character inputs and displays and are therefore not suitable for most expats.

Pete B (7 posts) • 0

Ok thanks for the info I’ll give computer street a go you’re right about the phone apps lacking lane guidance the cars a merc GLA220 but it doesn’t have satnav but it does have a reverse camera bit strange

debaser (635 posts) • 0

you ight want to try Tmall or if you find one for your car and select fitting you can view a map/list of your local authorised fitting centers. I was unable to find any maps other than Chinese although my unit displays everything else in Englsh.

Hotwater (205 posts) • +1

I bought a Satnav 6 years ago when I first started driving here. Had the pinyin version installed. Horrible software & interface. Searching was a nightmare.

I’ve been using my iPhone for the last 4-5 years.

The latest version of Apple Maps is very good. Data is from 高德地图 (Autonavi) & it gives lane directions & camera/traffic warnings. It’s not great for saving locations so outside cities for regular locations I use Autonavi (English version). It’s very good but has a few small bugs.

Baidu maps is very good if you can deal with it being in Chinese

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