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The example of the weapons of mass destruction is a very bad one. Cloudtrapezer makes it looks like it was an invention of the mainstream media while it was not. It was created by the US government and seconded by the British. The creator of this fake news where government institutions who said the intel was coming from their official intel sources and was further classified. What do you expect the MSM to do; call the Iraqi ministry of information for a confirmation? Yes Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf here: no we don’t have these WoMD here, have a nice day.
The MSM never claimed that they had found out about the WoMD but simply reported what the government told them.
The only thing you can blame them off is that they were used by their governments to spread fake news. (And again fake news they could not verify and that was part of a government plot to spin reality).
This was probably a lesson for the proper media to not belief everything the government tried to make them belief.

Forums > Food & Drink > can baijiu go bad? really.

Praise the Lord, Jiojo didn’t go the way of the Dodo.
Remarkable stuff that Hanizu baijiu; after a 72 hour plus binge only his feet seem to hurt. One would expect the other side of the body.


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Apart from when you bought real estate in a building that will never be finished. My apartment is surrounded by property developments that stood still for at least 2 years, some even for 7 years.
For the first 4 years I even could not sell my own property because the land certificate was never issued because of a corruption case between the Kunming city and the property developer.
Property prices have gone up in Kunming but at the long run they more or less correspond with the inflation figures.

He came to Lijiang in 1942 well after the age of the Ford tri-motor.
His only mention of using a plane was when he together with Rock was kicked out in 1949 and this picture is far to relaxed for this with to many non Chinese in the picture.


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