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Is this fake news or not?

lemon lover (896 posts) • +1

On this forum there is a reference to an article on an Australian Yahoo website:[...]
If thru than it is a terrible story but is it thru?
The picture refers to a man throwing something in a trash dumpster. According to the story it is his just born baby child. The article refers to a second picture of a bystander forced to rescue the baby from the dumpster but that footage is not there.
To me this raised several questions:
- Why is there a CCTV camera monitoring this dumpster.
- Why if you do something like this do you allow bystanders to witness this.
- This apparently happened on the 15th of January. That was a rather cold day in Xianwei. The pictures show a man in a T-shirt and barefoot on flip-flops.
- The text is inconsistent. They talk about a dumpster (as in the picture) and about a garbage bin.
- They give as source Yunnan Daily but why not referring to the original source instead? (The picture has a weibo logo at the bottom).
Again, if thru then this is a terrible thing, but is it thru?

dolphin (509 posts) • -1

is thru a real word?

there is so much fake news that i believe it's best to assume all news is fake ... unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it isn't ... like court.

there is a school in the US somewhere that teaches a "how to spot fake news" class to kids (not sure how old).

and i have a philosophical question: why are we constantly being lied to?

alienew (422 posts) • +2

@lemonlover: what you report sounds fake to me. However,
@dolphin: we are mostly lied to by nonreportage of significant details rather than by the use of outright lies - easier to distort information this way. This is done because those in power in journalism have other interests than simply telling the truth, which is sometimes inconvenient for them.
Then, too, 'the truth' is not simply a matter of a bunch of facts.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

the thru shall set you free.

lemon, i think thru is shorthand for through. if i am not mistaken, mcdonald's uses "Drive-Thru" on their signs.

alienew, good points.

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