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can baijiu go bad? really.

jojio (54 posts) • 0

So, i despise baijiu from the supermarket.

As a result, i bought a big bottle of hanizu baijiu from the jug up in the village, put it in my water bottle, brought it home.
delicious vanilla tones. spicy burn, yumyum!
but, i have honestly know idea whether it has a shelf life.
its only been a couple weeks "unopened" in the bottom cupboard of the kitchen.

im gonna have some now, and see if i die.

but seriously, would like to know if its possible for it to go off at some point. its gotta be at least 50%, so...
lim lao.
and thanks.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • +5

The baijiu does not expire but the drinker will. At least for 50% ;-)
Anyway this is the first time I heard of vanilla tones in combination with baijiu. The only tones I know of in baijiu are Zyklon-B.

mengna (62 posts) • +4

Shelf life?
Made me imagine all kind of things going on at the bottom of your kitchen cupboard like:
This bottle of baijiu ended up between this bottle of caustic soda toilet de-blocker and this bottle of Mr Muscle. The bottle of baijiu started flirting with both of them but could not decide between the sheer muscle power of Mister or the pure inner strength of caustic soda’s granulates. Anyway the bottle of baijiu was ignored by both of them because she just looked like a cheap and ordinary bottle of water and was well below their class. This despite that the water bottle was claiming that, also she looked like an ordinary water bottle, she had a great spirit inside. Caustic soda then commented that he should not mix with others like industrial alcohol. Mr Muscle got nasty as well and said: well the both of you make a nice pair, both in the pipe de-blocking business.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • +4

On closer reading I understand that:
The bottle of baijiu straightaway and unopened ended at the bottom of the kitchen cupboard (Probably indeed next to caustic soda and Mr Muscle) instead of getting a prominent place in your drinks cabinet between Remi Martin and Captain Morgan.
You have a weird taste that recognises vanilla tones in baijiu.
You would have some and will see if you die.
Despite that you accepted the risk of death you are still worried if baijiu could go off.

Re point 1.
You didn’t have much faith in the baijiu to start with and degraded it to the bottom shelf of the kitchen cupboard. After a couple of weeks you seem to have got desperate. Probably because M&M (Martin and Morgan) where finished. My advice: Manage your stocks better.

Re point 2.
With a taste like that why not go for it. If you think baijiu taste like ice-cream why waste more money on M&Ms while you can get cheap baijiu.

Re point 3.
You like to live dangerous or are you just showing off by putting this on the net?

Re point 4.
This is like worrying if the paint used on you coven is toxic or not.

Or maybe this was all a big cry for help. “Look I am desperate and have nothing else to drink the baijiu and I may die. Please react; invite me for some proper drinks, it is after all second Christmas day”.
Well your cry in that case was a bit late, I am well stocked on M&M but needed my beauty sleep as well after all Christmas activities and to drunk to look after my fellow human beings.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +5

How long does a bottle of baijiu last for? In our house, years as nobody drinks the stuff. Baijiu doesn't have a shelf life, it has a half life, i.e. in 10 000 years it will be half as dangerous/noxious as it is today.

mengna (62 posts) • +2

I am a bit worried. It’s now 23 hours since and we have not had a sign of life from Jojio yet. Maybe it indeed killed him/her.

Bamei (36 posts) • +3

No, beijiu cannot go bad because it’s already bad.

Therefore the question should be: Can baijiu go worse?

Can it get better? Well according to the tiger's half-life theory it can but it takes a very long time.

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