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Forums > Living in Kunming > Driving License In Kunming ?!?!

thanks for the info and advice. guess i will have to get a diandongchi with a really long battery, and choose my routes with care, in hopes that rural china has lots of electrical outlets!
i'll save my illicit motorbike riding for places i can't be deported from!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driving License In Kunming ?!?!

alright. 46 years old, never had a driver's license. by the time i had a use for one, i was 30, had been driving illegally for ten years in the boonies, and couldnt bear the stigma of a giant "L" or "N" on my window.

So...anyone know if one can take the test on a Tourism visa, and try for a motorcycle or car license? go from 0 to 60 in a single test, as it were?

Would be a useful thing to have i imagine, when planning a motorcycle trip across China.

Either that, or my usual Bangkok "international driver's license"

Forums > Living in Kunming > china mobile and my vpn troubles

heads up. using china mobile

in honghe, and every week or so my internet just cuts off. until this year, 2018, never happened. called them up after repeated problems, calling them up, getting internet back, having it turn off again, guy who installed it finally comes to my place and tries to tell me its my computer, etc, etc etc.

after some extended discussion, he admits its china mobile watching my vpn use. after using it, its system shuts me out, for "keep the country safe". guess its really true that they are figuring out how to get us. anyone in kmg having similar probs? how about on china telecom?
so much for talking to mom in the future.


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well that was a lot of fun, and my arm may fall off. be sure to wait for host Charles to show up so as to not confuse the kind old man behind the counter, who will charge an extra 5 kuai per person,per game. can't wait for xmas to be over and start again weekly in january! a great alternative to the pub.