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can baijiu go bad? really.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

jojio rhymes with baijiu.
whatever happens, it's fated.

culture has changed.. good point.


jojio (54 posts) • +4

im here!. alive, and yet my feet hurt and i seem to be locked tightly into my room with all my stuff. except theres a blanket here i dont recognize and my coat is kinda dirty. guessing i had an impromptu baijiu snooze and some kind souls got me home safely, finally. bless their little hearts.
i now imagine the baijiu only can get stronger, rather than toxic and die-full. thanks to all for your care and advice.

mengna (62 posts) • +2

Praise the Lord, Jiojo didn’t go the way of the Dodo.
Remarkable stuff that Hanizu baijiu; after a 72 hour plus binge only his feet seem to hurt. One would expect the other side of the body.

SpartansSpartans (184 posts) • -2

Baiju critics clearly haven't tasted a well fermented sticky rice drink with wolfberries;

stick to the lady beers then.

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