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Forums > Living in Kunming > Send books/clothes to Australia


Has anyone sent large amounts of stuff overseas and can recommend which company /companies might be reliable and not too expensive?

I need to send maybe 30 to 50kg of books, clothes and electronic parts (no batteries) plus a few other household items to Australia, and not sure how to do that.

It's fine if it takes a long time so long as it gets there eventually.

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I couldn't find another one for large quantities easily. From what I've heard China post would be very expensive?

Thanks!! :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Buying ultrabook in Kunming

Thanks everyone!! Really useful information!! A friend helped me take my computer to a shop and it looks like it might be fixed!! :) . So sorry to bother everyone, I wasted half if last week researching computer models too, but at least I should be able to put off buying a computer for another year hopefully. If the problem starts again might look for the computer selling walmart.
Thanks again!!!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > hobby electronics components store?


thanks!! that's very kind. I have one now,

in the end I found one among all my components and I also almost got an order through on one of the websites (though need to do it again due to Alipay problem), but thanks again!


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I hope people don't take this out on the bats, they're clever animals and do a good job of reducing insects, and hope people stop selling them as food they do have a lot of diseases.and they're too small to eat anyway. I don't understand the point of people eating them, such a waste.


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