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McDonalds is never a daily basis :) Just a once in a while thing, like anything if I have to much I get bored with eating it.
Did enjoy the muffin I had at Salvador's but it was the salmon, egg and cream cheese one I went for there.

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It'd be funny if Matt came back one day never having set eyes on GoKunming since he left it. I think he would have a ROFL moment for sure :)

I doubt that would happen though as I am a believer in the multiple account theory lol

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@Alexz Cheers, I'll let you know if I don't :)

@Haali Thx, I think I'll check the school out in the next few days as it's not to much of a journey and I know that area well.


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I went there for a meal this week not expecting to much as I had been let down by every other western food restaurant that I'd tried. But I was surprised and ate a very enjoyable meal with a wide range of selections to choose from. I'm looking forward to going back as it has many Italian favourites of mine on the menu that I'm looking forward to eating :)

Definitely now my favourite western restaurant in Kunming!