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Forums > Study > china Stock market crash in 2016

The market crashed in December and has been languishing since. Now is as good time to buy, in whatever way you can, e.g. A Shares via trusted proxy, H shares in Hong Kong, China mutual funds, or Chinese firms listed in the US — if you want to go long on the economy here.

And the stock market here are not inextricably linked to the wider economy. It's tiny by comparison and thus not a good indicator.

Forums > Living in Kunming > F*%k It Lets Play Cricket

Saturday's meetup was a success. Thanks to those who attended and hopefully we can create some momentum and buy a bit more equipment.

Although we had to improvise a bit we got three short matches in plus a warm up game of football.

Now we've established a good artificial pitch that's free, let's play again this coming Saturday. Then afterwards drinks, barbecue & the FA Cup Final.


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Thank you very much. I've contacted him.

Jon, the Curry Nights are great. You should definitely come to the next one

Have you heard of the sunken city at the bottom of Fuxian Lake? Supposedly, it was a regional capital and it slipped into the lake after an earthquake about 2,000 years ago. It could be China's Pompei, but very tough to explore and excavate.



Lovely little Dutch place, nicely designed and aiming for quality in every aspect. They have a great choice of coffee and beer, and do a very tasty burger.