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The newly-formed Kunming Cricket Club are having our debut bash on Saturday 14th May at 1pm.

We've found a decent field and will be going for drinks afterwards. We'll be using a semi-hard seam ball.

Anyone interested is welcome to join in. For more info contact Luan_H on WeChat.

Forums > Living in Kunming > English premiere league in Kunming

Yankee, what you said is a good idea in theory, but businesses don't do that. They take the cash from the highest bidder. It's the broadcasters' fault for being tightwads. If they want the audience, they can bid for it.


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Thank you very much. I've contacted him.

Jon, the Curry Nights are great. You should definitely come to the next one

Have you heard of the sunken city at the bottom of Fuxian Lake? Supposedly, it was a regional capital and it slipped into the lake after an earthquake about 2,000 years ago. It could be China's Pompei, but very tough to explore and excavate.



Lovely little Dutch place, nicely designed and aiming for quality in every aspect. They have a great choice of coffee and beer, and do a very tasty burger.