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Good luck guys in this crazy world.

Let us raise our consciouness to more solidarity betweens humans

and solidarity with the planet and animals, animals bad treatment being probable cause of covid.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunnan foreign business club

Hi Torin

Thanks for the info.

I had good memories of the people of the yunnan foreign business club

i searched on wechat but could not find it

if the group is still living, can you please tell me how to connect ?


Forums > Food & Drink > Wasteful Business Lunches

Wasting pangolin dragon into extinction

Do you still wonder why you face coronavirus ?

Humans killing the planet, bringing animals to suffer, planet rebels

Do you know ?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunnan foreign business club

Hi Foxes!

Any news about Yunnan Foreign Business Club ?

We used to do nice hang out at DT Bar

Please tell me what is happening to Yunnan Foreign Business Club or its new form

and how to connect



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yes, for me indian philosophies and cultures are very amazing and strange. i had the biggest cultural shocks and distances in mother india!

good there are more ties and exchanges!

om mari pe meiyou
pro dionisos philosophya?/

lolo. the car story is funny, honking at the walkers!

in dali old town when the electric scooters honk me to go faster while the driver does nothing except pollution, i honk back at them.

u should try!

ja, i always wonder why it seems that government responsability is more talkedthan consumer responsbality. who buys the good, creates the infrastructure needed, throw garbage?

in my opinion consumption implies pollution.

the system may also suggests us to consume, nearly like propaganda, for instance trough commercials and capita

recently i ve been quite worried by ocean water quality in my homeland, basque country. according to surfrider foundation, is a lot due to consumers

here an article which explains every year we throw 13 million tons of plastics into the sea. the little plastic bags, daizi, we dont need[...]