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Have a question for local expats in Lijiang. I traveled to Lijiang in 09 and was disappointed w/ how overdeveloped (tacky) the Old Town has gotten. Too many vendors/hawkers selling junk. What are some better places to travel to, outside of Lijiang. I'm looking for Lijiang 20 yrs ago. Thank You!

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Hello Friends,

I'm interested in understanding the challenges in opening a restaurant/bar in Kunming area for westerners. I have family in the area and am looking at moving there in next few years. What are the city reg's/law's, Provincial reg's/laws. Are there alot. Any feedback most appreciated. CKR


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Great article on discovering the CNAC#53. There are probably more of these aircraft in these mtn's. I would like to bike that area someday. Thank you!

Thank you so much for these brilliant color photo's. My family is from Lun nan, Stone Forest and it is so interesting to see what Kunming looked like 68 yrs ago.!!

Very true laotou, the kunming nurses/Dr's and staff will get a feeling for what quality nursing care should be about vs the callous, rude tx. or care (if you can call it that) that most Chinese receive. I am familiar with Sanford Health. They are good. I'm a nurse myself.


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