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What about the current health of these lakes?

We all know of Dianchi and its problems and plans. But Yangzong, for example, is treated thusly at present on Wikipedia"

"As recently as 2002, Yangzonghai had been noted for having water clean enough for drinking and swimming. But as of September 2008, it was officially considered unfit for drinking, swimming in or fishing in, when the provincial government announced high levels of arsenic in its waters. The arsenic contamination was discovered (in June 2008) when an inspection was made of enterprises operating in the Yangzonghai basin. Eight companies were found to have been engaged in illegal polluting practices. Yunnan Chengjiang Jinye Industrial and Trade Co Ltd (云南澄江锦业工贸有限公司) was named as the main polluter."

The latest info in Wikipedia about the lake is from 2008.


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This was a great museum before and now appears to be world-class.

It is one of the most interesting things in Kunming and well worth several trips there.

When we visited the old version, the woman in charge was the daughter of a lifelong railroad man, and she grew up with railroads in her blood.

What a terrific article! This is the sort of thing that encourages people to delve deeper into Yunnan — delve deeper and come up not only with something new, something often seen, and something delicious!

I agree. Most interesting. We see the tea cakes everywhere, but have no idea — or not much of one — about how they are produced. I'd like to see a follow-up article to this, however, about different types of tea and how puer was developed and why and how it compares.


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