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Forums > Living in Kunming > New forum for expats in Kunming

Now, now everybody. While it may be a bit cheeky for old mate to be posting up about his new forum in GoKunming, I really don't see what the problem is with the expats in Kunming having more than one place to go to to ask questions, seek advice, etc. GoKunming is an excellent site and resource and I don't think any other person around here would have the dedication to produce anything that would come close to comparing with the local stories, information, what's on this weekend, etc that this site offers.

But another forum? Who the hell cares? Actually, it's something to be happy about. Most cities of Kunming's size the world over would have about 50 such websites people could go to for information. In my hometown in Australia, smaller than Kunming, I can think of about 15 sites off the top of my head. Having more places to look up information and connect with people online is a sign that a city is growing, and frankly, that's a damn good thing.

And the guy who made the website was right in one thing - the style of forum he has set up is better than the one here. No offence to GoKunming, but looking back through the archives to try to find information is really difficult on this site. I don't see what's wrong with having two, take it easy on the dude for god's sake, I doubt he's set this thing up as a devious plan to "knock GoKunming off the top spot!"

Forums > Living in Kunming > Professional DSLR Camera Service?

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations for a good place to get a professional DSLR Camera cleaned/serviced. I have been treating my NikonD80 a bit roughly in my travels around China and my pictures are coming out a bit dirty, so I'm keen to get it cleaned.

If anyone knows of such a reliable place then please let me know!


Forums > Travel Yunnan > How do you get to the Dwarf Kingdom?

Hi there everyone,

I have a friend visiting for a few days and we were thinking of taking him to visit this infamous dwarf kingdom... but I can't find any information about how to get there. Are there any public buses that go there or do you have to organise a private car?

Thanks for your help!

Forums > Food & Drink > Avocadoes?

Avocados at Green Kunming = perfect!!! Thanks!

PS just out of curiosity does anyone know where avocadoes are grown in China? or are they imported?

Forums > Food & Drink > Avocadoes?

I've been having some serious avocado cravings lately. Does anyone have any inside information about the availability (or lack of) avocadoes in Kunming? Is it farmed in Yunnan? I don't see why not, the temperature and growing conditions seem perfect.

Perhaps not suited to the Chinese palate?


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Nice gallery; and the most glamorous and clean toilets I've seen anywhere in China!