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Giveaway: Kunming Cartoon and Animation Festival and I-Mart

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The second Kunming Cartoon and Animation Festival and the annual Kunming I-Mart creative fair will be jointly held at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center beginning tomorrow and running through Monday the 17th.

GoKunming visited the first installment of the Cartoon and Animation Festival in 2007 and found it full of local tweens, many dressed up as their favorite anime characters.

The I-Mart, now in its fourth installment, is an annual bazaar featuring original art, design, handicrafts and unique gift ideas for sale by the people who made them. Its creative and somewhat bohemian vibe makes it one of Kunming's more popular annual events.

If you have art, handicrafts or anything else that you made yourself and you would like to sell, there are still stalls available. For more information, call Mr Gao at 13669758007 or Ms Yao at 13987110523.

The Kunming Cartoon and Animation Festival and I-Mart will be open to the public for the next five days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in Hall 6 of the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center. Entry is 20 yuan per person.

Free tickets: GoKunming has two tickets for the Cartoon and Animation Festival/I-Mart, which it will give away to the first GoKunming user to contact us via our contact form with their GoKunming user name and telephone number.

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This looks awesome.

congrats to user eddychina, who was the first to reply and win the tickets

chris,AM I NUMBER 2? :(

Does anyone know what number bus you can catch from around the Yunnan University/ Wenlinjie area to get to this place?


i believe you can take the 98 to xiaoximen (the walmart stop) and transfer to the 52 at the same station. There is a Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Center stop. I've never been there, but this is what i was told, so good luck!

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