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How do you get to the Dwarf Kingdom?

misseward (35 posts) • 0

Hi there everyone,

I have a friend visiting for a few days and we were thinking of taking him to visit this infamous dwarf kingdom... but I can't find any information about how to get there. Are there any public buses that go there or do you have to organise a private car?

Thanks for your help!

nebulous (4 posts) • 0

I've gone to the park several times to hang out with the dwarf performers. This is the route I've been taking:

From Xiaoximen, take the 82 bus to the end of the line, Ma Jie.
From Ma Jie, at the Xishan keying zhan, wait for a white/beige bus that leaves between 11:30am and 12:10pm from the main intersection near the station. Based on my experience, the bus usually leaves a few minutes after 12pm. Just tell the bus driver you want to go to hudieyuan, and it costs 6 kuai to get up the mountain to the park. A return bus leaves around 5pm or 6pm that takes you back to the Ma Jie 82 bus stop. Hope this helps!

kruuemel (4 posts) • 0

Or you could just take any bus heading to HaiKou and tell them you want to get of at HuDie Yuanna(蝴蝶园 ) / XiHua Jie (西华街). From there it is another 5 km up the road. You could wait for the bus going there or just hitch a ride with one of the motorcycle dudes or any other vechicle passing by.

Have fun.

josefm (7 posts) • 0

Does anybodu have any updated information about how to get to Dwarf Empire. Nebulous description seems a litte bit vage. Does the bus have any number?

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