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Forums > Travel Yunnan > How do you get to the Dwarf Kingdom?

Or you could just take any bus heading to HaiKou and tell them you want to get of at HuDie Yuanna(蝴蝶园 ) / XiHua Jie (西华街). From there it is another 5 km up the road. You could wait for the bus going there or just hitch a ride with one of the motorcycle dudes or any other vechicle passing by.

Have fun.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Scrapheap or Car-junkyard needed

I am looking for old car parts in Kunming. So i am basically looking for a Scrapheap or Car-junkyard in or around Kunming where i can find many of these parts in one place for cheap.

If you know about any of these places please let me know by replying to this thread or email to [email protected]

Forums > Living in Kunming > go-cart, buggy builder wanted

I am looking for someone who is capable of building a go-cart or (race) buggy for me in Kunming. The idea is to create a pedal go-cart like vehicle which has no engine. Propulsion due to human pedal power. So it basically will be kind of a bicycle with 4 wheels.

So if anyone has any info where i could find a handyman capable of this stuff in Kunming please reply to this thread. Hobbyist or Professional both are ok.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Immunization Clinic

there is a vaccination clinic around the corner from the Hump on 东寺街(dong si jie). If you come from the Hump its about 200m walk into dong si jie and the clinic is then on your right hand side. their phone no. is 3633029


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Pity. It has been quite an institution.
Unfortunately i am missing this last weekend. And i was already looking forward to their 2010 Halloween party...!!


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