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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Taxi to dali and back on wednesday


I hve some friends here visiting right know and they want to see Dali. Unfortunaly we just have one day when we can do this. So I am searching for a taxi that can pick up four people in kunming on wednesday (27th of april) at 6 am and drive us to old town Dali. We want to go back to Kunming again at 7.30 pm the same day.

I do not speak any chinese so the contacts must be in english. The driver can be chinese though.

please answer here or by mail. ( magnussonjosef (at)
Please give me a price that includes everything ( like tolls, gas, etc.)

/ Josef

Forums > Food & Drink > Where can I eat snake in Kunming?

Does anyone know about any resturang that serves snakes for dinner?
If they keep them alive and you can follow the whole process from cage to plate it would be even better.


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Visited a dance perfomance some weeks ago. It was a great experience with live music and dancers from China and Sweden.

We never got the time to order any food but we will definently go back to do this. The building is really nice with a lot of arts on the wall.