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Taxi to dali and back on wednesday

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I hve some friends here visiting right know and they want to see Dali. Unfortunaly we just have one day when we can do this. So I am searching for a taxi that can pick up four people in kunming on wednesday (27th of april) at 6 am and drive us to old town Dali. We want to go back to Kunming again at 7.30 pm the same day.

I do not speak any chinese so the contacts must be in english. The driver can be chinese though.

please answer here or by mail. ( magnussonjosef (at) gmail.com)
Please give me a price that includes everything ( like tolls, gas, etc.)

/ Josef

josefm (7 posts) • 0

One day trip will give us a chance to both see old town and the pagodas. + it wil give you a good view of the lanscape on the way to Dali. It will be perfect for us.

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