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I am a gluten-intolerant swede who comes to kunming with my wife and 1 year old child on saturday for a four month stay.

Dont know much about gluten and china yet but I would gladly take any advice about good places to visit. And in a couple I will probably be ably to give some too.

// Josef

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beachvolley in kunming

I am looking for some place to play beachvolleyboll in kunming.

I have been playing on a quit high level in sweden and would love to have some chinese or other people to play with in Kunming.

I will come to Kunming in the end of january and stay for 4 month.

// Josef


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Visited a dance perfomance some weeks ago. It was a great experience with live music and dancers from China and Sweden.

We never got the time to order any food but we will definently go back to do this. The building is really nice with a lot of arts on the wall.