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Event: Australian beers and barbecue at Chapter One

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This coming Wednesday (November 25), Chapter One will host a charity event featuring a wide selection of imported Australian beers on special and an outdoor barbecue.

Beer importers Just Beer have donated 240 Australian beers previously unavailable in Kunming, including Victoria Bitter, Cascade, Pure Blonde and Crown Lager, which will be sold at the special price of 10 yuan beginning at 7:30 pm. Beers purchased after the first 240 beers are gone will be sold at regular price. Non-Aussie beers will not be available, so if you're a die-hard Chinese beer fan, this event maybe isn't for you.

All money made from the sale of the donated beers and all profits from the beers sold afterward will go to the Chapter One charity fund, which is aimed at funding education opportunities for rural children in Yunnan.

Chapter One owner Liu Aihua's introduction to the fund can be found on the bar's website.

In addition to cheap imported beers, organic sausages from Green Kunming will be available hot off the grill on Chapter One's front deck. Sausages will be sold for the special price of 10 yuan.

For more information, stop by Chapter One at 146 Wenlin Jie or call at 536 5635.

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it's like christmas came early


It's for the kids Steve. The more you drink, the more good you are doing...

Great idea! I think you can rightly expect every Australian in town to turn up to this. Although, it won't be quite the same if the beers are served in the 'Chinese style'.... aka warm.


I'm the aussie beer guy, and in answer to your valid concerns there misseward, I can guarantee that every single bottle will be served at the recommended serving temp as printed on the bottle...

Jonno, you're a damn kiwi mate. Suppose the Kiwi beer guy doesn't sound nearly as impressive as Aussie beer guy :)

Anyway, hopefully you get every Aussie from the region to head in and try the good stuff!


How about some Coopers Pale Ale for those of us who aren't:

(a) calorie counting girls;
(b) Tasmanian;
(c) bogans; or
(d) wankers.


For those who don't feel they fit into any of the above categories, then I'll throw in a few Redbacks, but you'll have to be quick.

I'm very happy to say I qualify for 3 out of the 4 - so i'm set. Although i now wish i didn't drag a sixer of Oz brews from ChengDu this weekend...

I should point out to kickkick too, just as Guiness outside of Ireland, Coopers Pale anywhere beyond 300km from Adelaide tastes like a jar of burnt vegemite (possibly even iSnack2.0).


Jonathan, can you arrange for some heating and humidifiers on the night to create the illusion of an Australian summer? Might help the beers go down a bit better.

S_zhongguo, that's a glowing endorsement for burnt vegemite :/


Funny you should ask...I talked Ai Hua into buying a few heaters, as I noticed the bars here are not really at the ideal temp for lager drinking. Hopefully they will arrive on time. Looking at getting Coopers in the future, as I am quite partial to it myself, but in the meal time will have to make do. Boags is on its way though for sure.


Just wanted to thank everyone who came down last night. We managed to raise about 3000rmb for the fund, and will looking at doing something again in the future. Particularly wanted to that everyone who helped me pull things together including Phil, Matthew, Chris, Greg, and Mark.

Hope people enjoyed the beer, music and sausages.

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