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Are you seriously complaining about losing 5.5 kuai? If you can afford to use lazy bones, and order 85 rmb of food, i don't think you have reason to be overly concerned.

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There is only the flight to Chiang Mai via Bangkok available, either with Thai Air or through GuangZhou with China Southern (i think). I'm pretty sure Laos Airlines only fly to Vientiane from Kunming, and then the only flight to Chiang Mai is out of Luang Prabang.

You can overnight to JingHong, then get a bus to Huay Xai and cross the border into Thailand, from there you can grab a minibus after jumping off the boat with one of the hostels. It could be achieved within 24 hours.


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I'm very happy to say I qualify for 3 out of the 4 - so i'm set. Although i now wish i didn't drag a sixer of Oz brews from ChengDu this weekend...

I should point out to kickkick too, just as Guiness outside of Ireland, Coopers Pale anywhere beyond 300km from Adelaide tastes like a jar of burnt vegemite (possibly even iSnack2.0).


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