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Forums > Living in Kunming > Scanning shops near Wen Lin Jie?


Does anyone know where one can get some scanning (paper) done near the wen lin jie area?

I know there's all of those copy shops on Yi Er Yi Jie, but none of them seem to have scanning facilities there...

Thanks for yo help!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Hiking in West Hills


I was wondering if anybody was able to help me with some basic advice about hiking in the West Hills near Kunming? I swear I remember seeing a post about this on GoKunming months ago, but I've looked back through the archives and couldn't find anything!

We're keen to go for a stroll up there this weekend, but have no idea exactly where to go - is there one particular walking route that's the best?

Also, what's the most convenient way to get there from the Wen Lin Jie area?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > An Ning Hot Springs

Hi, I am interested in going here as well and possibly staying the night if there are any nice places. wasabaugh if you had a nice experience somewhere can you please post up details? thankyou

Forums > Living in Kunming > Youtube gone, now facebook?

It seems that even Hotspot Shield won't work now. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ways around this insanity? What about proxies that you have to pay for? (internet addict here).


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This is a really lovely place to go if you're sick of going to all the usual suspects along WenLinJie and WenHuaXiang.

We've been there a few times and always found the food to be great, especially what I had last time - lamb and blue cheese salad. Yum!

On one or two occasions the service was a bit slow, but it was very busy that night.

I think some of the things on the breakfast menu are a bit weird - museli in between slices of toast?! WTF!

All in all, good spot.


There's no denying that this is the most delicious Indian food in town. Unfortunately, every time after eating here we have gotten sick. We've kept going because the food is so great, thinking that our sickness must have been caused by something else we'd eaten, but approximately five times without fail we've gotten sick the very next day after eating here. So, um, unless food poisoning is your thing I'd probably advise against going here.

*Actually feel really bad typing this because the staff are so sweet.


Nice gallery; and the most glamorous and clean toilets I've seen anywhere in China!