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Forums > Living in Kunming > Lost my phone in taxi

There are a few taxi companies in Kunming, the office of the Expo Taxi company 云南世博出租车公司 is in the carpark at the gates of the Golden Temple.

If its not too far away it may be worth a visit.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Metro to Kunming Train Station exit inside

This is a bit of a trap at the moment, the closest metro station to the main train station (昆明站) is HuanCheng Nan Lu.

In May I took the metro to the railway station metro only to find that there is no access to the new side of the railway station, but there were a lot of electric scooters waiting and for 10 rmb I got to the train station in under 10 mins, it would have taken at least 30 mins to walk and maybe 20 mins by subway as the exit is very far from the subway platform....

I have no idea why the metro stations doesn't have any signs about this.

On my way back to Kunming at the HuanCheng Nan Lu subway station I had to show my passport to get access to the metro, I hope they don't introduce this to all metro stations.


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@Xiefei, I remember about in the late 1990's that Beijing had regulated that public toilets be free and that if you needed to use a toilet that you bars and restaurants had to let you use their toilets even if you were not a customer.

Places like Yunnan implement laws differently. For eg: Tobacco advertising is illegal in China, but in Yunnan you wouldn't know that.



when we renovated we took our workmen to B&Q to select materials from their excellent range if samples. Then with that list in hand we went to the construction market near Mingbo bridge and got the same materials at either half or one third of the B&Q price.

It's a good place for window shopping.