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Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

Pooliekev (10 posts) • +2

A couple of friends have. It's not too strenuous it just takes around a year. Personally I can't see an advantage. One look at your face and they ask for passports anyway. A lot of institutions don't know what the green card is for except in the big cities.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +1

@Pooliekev, could you ask your friends, who have done this, to post on here please. There some of us who are applying, or are thinking of applying soon. We would love clarification about some things, from people who have gone through this process. There is a lot of hearsay about what is, or isn't happening, regarding permanent residence, but first hand experience and knowledge would be much more helpful.
There are advantages, including being able to work, without having your visa tied to your employer, and being able to do casual work legally.

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