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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

A couple of friends have. It's not too strenuous it just takes around a year. Personally I can't see an advantage. One look at your face and they ask for passports anyway. A lot of institutions don't know what the green card is for except in the big cities.

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My Canadian friend who flies for Guangxi Airlines has to report to a designated hotel the night before any flight. He's not allowed to leave or drink there. He's breathalysed on his way into work, even on non-flying training or marketing days. There are not GA rules, They come from CAC. It's standard procedure.

Auto pilot kicks in at 470ft. To disable it requires assistance from the ground. If it fails, a reboot normally solves the problem, done by the First Officer while the Captain flies the plane. These instances are constantly reviewed and training for just that is intense.

In China at least, no pilot is pissed in the seat while the plane flies itself.


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