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Forums > Living in Kunming > Yizu marriage and divorce customs

Yeah, I lived in Chuxiong before. The government may say they are all "Yizu", but don't tell them that. If I can recall just in Yunnan alone there is something like 8 to 10 "Yizu" groups that don't consider themselves to be Yizu.

Forums > Study > Tudou vids

Also the Windows 8 Apps of iQiyi and Sohu TV don't have advertisements. They also have a way to download in advance. Never tried to copy the download to another computer afterwards though.

Ok, a bit off topic, but useful if you just want a bit of Western soap operas without commercials.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Recommended VPNs

OH, and yes, my friends have much better sucess with Astril. But I already paid for one year of ExpressVPN, and it's good enough for me :P

Forums > Living in Kunming > Recommended VPNs

For ExpressVPN I find it'll be slow if you try to connect to the "recommended" list except for Hong Kong. Usually Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore are good enough for Youtube.

Also I find if I "fake" connect to three or four other random countries first by cancelling before it finishes connecting the speed is usually much faster.

Their Android client is also much better than their desktop clients.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Android phone for China Mobile

The chipset depends on which carrier you'll be using. The Xiaomi 3 version for China Mobile uses NVidia, and the rest use Snapdragon 800.

I believe the Xiaomi 4 out now uses a Snapdragon 801. Not sure about the one for China Mobile that comes out next month.


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Also look at the roads that were just recently redone. In the north they aren't even a year old and the top layer is rapidly decaying. When the holes get big enough to do serious damage to small cars they just put a traffic cone in it....

If it's banned for industrial use doesn't that mean there are some pretty nasty heavy metals in the water? Why would they allow shrimp to be fished in the past? Do they want people to get cancer or something?



Cheese tasted great. Much better than other pizza joints.


Excellent salad bar. Hamburgers are usually ok. The fancier dishes were a little lacking.

Giving it a 4 stars for the salad bar. If you were going there for "fine dining" then probably best to go somewhere else.

The store also has some nice imported food(though obviously Metro is cheaper for some things). The freshly baked goods are nice too.


Seems to be pretty hit or miss. First time I went there the pizza and hamburgers were great. 2nd time the pizza was terrible, and the hamburger was ok. 3rd time the pizza was ok, but people were smoking inside by the time we left. Guess the no smoking policy is not enforced.


Not bad. Pretty much what you would expect, but expensive for China.


Expensive, but decent bread. Other places are better, but not bad if you're in a hurry.