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Forums > Living in Kunming > water shortage?

i was at yueyatan park a few days back and the water that was being sprayed on the plants there smelled absolutely turd-tastic!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Seriously what does it take to get a job in KM?

Kunming is often slower than everywhere else in China, which can be nice or frustrating, depending on the situation.

I'd recommend going to a bar, finding someone who works as an English teacher here and buying them a beer before barraging them with questions about what schools might be hiring and anything else you want to know.

Buena suerte!


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actually, the 6:30 shift change idea was mine, i sarcastically suggested it back in the day when pullin tubes with the minister of roads and some taxi company bosses. then i said, 'hey, why don't you keep the taxi fleet the same size forever?'. didn't think they'd take me seriously. sorry.

that open bit of road in the photo looks far from safe... i may be seeing things (cough, cough), but are there people walking on the road? wacky.



superfriendly owner and cheap rolling papers... lots of random cool dongxi as well


The mozzarella cheese is the bees' knees, it's the same price as mozz at Paul's but it's local and organic rather than from New Zealand and non-organic.

Pesto is great but I've been hittin it too hard lately.

The unsweetened yogurt is a very welcome change of pace from the usual sweetened stuff you can buy around town.

I eat the brown rice all the time now, soooooooo good.

The 5kg assorted vegetable boxes are usually full of delicious surprises.

I don't eat meat, but my lazyass roommate says they're really good if you're jonesing for western-style links.

Kunming needs more stuff like this!!!